Cambridge IGCSE

NOTE: This is currently a work in progress. This is part of Phase 1 of our website, where we are building the lessons for the entire IGCSE Physics and Sciences syllabus. We target to complete Phase 1 by end of 2025. You may find the lessons are currently incomplete. Thank you for your patience while we build this course!

In IGCSE, you have the option of taking Core or Extended papers. You only need to take a total of 3 papers.

Multiple Choice Questions: Paper 1 (Core) OR Paper 2 (Extended)
Theory Questions: Paper 3 (Core) OR Paper 4 (Extended)
Paper 5 (Practical Paper) OR Paper 6 (Alternative to Practical)
If you are taking on Core, you only need to refer to the lessons that are marked “Core”.
If you are taking Extended, you would need to refer to the lessons that are marked both “Core” and “Extended”.

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IGCSE Physics 0625

IGCSE Co-ordinated Sciences 0654

IGCSE Combined Sciences 0653