Wondering what’s in store for Physics Rox website?

We have the following in progress:

  • Physics Rox Member Website – member-access only to Physics Rox Exclusive Notes and Questions!
  • Physics Rox in Bahasa Melayu – support will be given for our BM readers!
  • Physics Rox Notes and Questions for IGCSE – to help you prepare for the IGCSE exams!

Will there always be Free Basic Notes and Guides? Yes, we will continue to offer free notes and guides for those of you who need the educational support!

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Physics Rox is back!

Yes, this website has been neglected for many years… but no more.

Physics Rox has undergone major revamping and renovations, in order to bring more quality online educational assistance.

Thank you for your patience! We look forward to giving you even more!