0625 Physics Formula Sheet 2020

Physics is full of formulas, it’s easy to forget or mix them up!

Here is a compilation of the different formula you may need to use for your upcoming IGCSE Physics 0625 examinations.

You would need to memorise these formulas, as they are not given in your examinations and you are NOT allowed to bring these in.

There is no guarantee that you would excel in your examinations by relying on this sheet… you would still need to know how to use the formulas!

Happy practising!!!

Physical Quantities with different names but are the same

Some physical quantities have many variations although they are essentially the same type of quantity. In this video, Teacher Zyen explains three of the different terms that are the same as “length”.

Here are some of the physical quantities that have many variations with different meanings, but are actually still the same type of quantity.

Length (S.I. Unit: metre)

  • width
  • breadth
  • height
  • distance
  • displacement
  • radius
  • diameter
  • thickness

Force (S.I. Unit: Newton)

  • weight
  • tension
  • resistant force
  • drag
  • thrust
  • lift

Voltage (S.I. Unit: Volt)

  • potential difference
  • electromotive force

Examples of S.I. Units

What are S.I. Units and why do we need them? Teacher Zyen explains it in this video.

Here is a list of S.I. Units of some common physical quantities.

Physical QuantityS.I. Unit
Lengthmetre (m)
Timesecond (s)
Masskilogram (kg)
TemperatureKelvin (K)
Electric currentAmpere (A)
VoltageVolt (V)
Resistanceohm (Ω)
Force / WeightNewton (N)
PressurePascal (Pa)
EnergyJoule (J)

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