Physical Quantities: Base & Derived Quantities

A physical quantity is a physical property of a material or system that can be quantified by measurement.

The following list consists of video lessons recorded by Ms Hoo. Some videos are prerecorded lessons, while some are recordings of actual lessons. This list will be updated from time to time.

Prerecorded lessons will include detailed explanation about the topics but do not have student input. Lesson recordings are actual lessons conducted at the pace of students’ understanding and may include student input or questions. The options of “pure science” nd “sub-science” classes are available, as some references made in each class would be unique to those streams.

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What’s in the video

An introductory lesson to Physics! This is a fundamental topic in Physics for SPM and IGCSE O-Levels. This video explains base and derived quantities, in terms of the definitions, what they are, and some examples of the quantities.

How to express derived quantities in terms of base quantities and SI base units?

Introduction to base and derived quantities.

This a lesson recording.

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